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Arrested on Cinco De Mayo 2012 in Miami-Dade County

With a large Hispanic population, Miami-Dade County's Cinco De Mayo celebrations are widespread. Several bars and restaurants will be hosting Cinco De Mayo celebrations. Needless to say, lots of alcohol consumption will be taking place.

With alcohol comes arrests. DUI and disorderly intoxication are two common offenses that people are arrested for on Cinco De Mayo.

Holidays that are known for alcohol consumption will prompt law enforcement agencies to step up enforcement. Don't be surprised to see DUI checkpoints out on the roads. Also, the parking lots of bars and restaurants may be filled with patrol cars. Officers may linger around outside, watching people getting into their cars to see who may be too impaired to drive.

Enjoy your Cinco De Mayo and have a safe celebration. But if you are arrested for any offense tonight or in the early hours of tomorrow morning, call me.