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Crimes Against Law Enforcement Officers

When I was a Miami-Dade prosecutor, crimes against police officers were some of the most troublesome to resolve. This is because the elected State Attorney in Miami-Dade County has taken a hardline stance on crimes where police officers are the alleged victims.
These cases were difficult to resolve because the police officer, as the alleged victim, was given the power to approve or reject a plea offer. This literally meant that an accused person who was otherwise eligible for Pretrial Intervention would be offered probation or even jail, simply because the disgruntled cop said so.
Personally, I hated this policy when I was a prosecutor, and I hate it even more now that I am a criminal defense attorney. That is why it is so important to retain a qualified criminal defense lawyer who is familiar with crimes against law enforcement officers in Broward and Miami-Dade. These cases are not always resolved easily, but may require thorough investigation in order to expose weaknesses in the State's case.
Crimes against law enforcement officers can be misdemeanors or violent felonies. Some misdemeanor crimes where police are the alleged victims may include Resisting an Officer Without Violence, or Assault on a Police Officer. Some of the felony crimes against police officers include Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer (LEO), Aggravated Assault on a LEO, and Attempted Murder of a LEO.
To demonstrate how serious a crime against a LEO is, the crime of battery - which is normally a misdemeanor - automatically becomes a felony if it is committed against a cop. Also, the crime of aggravated assault on a LEO (an assault where a weapon is used), carries a 3-year mandatory minimum sentence that must be waived by the State Attorney's Office.
Don't take chances if you or someone you know is charged with a crime against a law enforcement officer. These cases are taken very seriously by both the officers involved and the prosecutors. Let a Miami criminal attorney assist you in your time of need.