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  • Eric is a great lawyer.
    I was charged with three felony charges related to check fraud. Eric used his expert knowledge to help resolve the charges with one day of jail served on the day that I surrendered myself to have charges filed. The three charges were resolved with conv-cte, Noll pros. And the third charge as No Action. If convicted of all three charges, I would have faced about ten years in jail. Needless to say, I am quite pleased to have this resolved and behind me having served less than a day in jail. Eric is a great lawyer. Communications through out the process were extraordinarily.

    - Former Client

  • In a stressful and confusing time Eric was like a breeze of fresh air.
    In a stressful and confusing time Eric was like a breeze of fresh air. He made everything very clear and easy to understand and always kept me up to date with any changes. He was also available to talk to whenever I had any questions. I would definitely use his services again if needed and recommend him to anyone. He truly is a fantastic lawyer.

    - Camila

  • If you want the best look no further.
    We retained Eric to represent us concerning a claimed "battery of a Police office" by my wife. He was diligent and responsive. As we reside outside the USA he negotiated with the presiding judge without our direct involvement up to the court appearance. He was able to commute the potential prison sentence to community service which can be served in our country of residence. We highly recommend him and would not hesitate to supply a personal reference concerning his professional conduct and compassion. Having dealt with several lawyers with varied levels of satisfaction in the past (not for the same problem) he restored my faith in his profession. If you want the best look no further.

    - Michael

  • Eric Matheny is everything you need
    When in a situation should you need the services of a criminal attorney, Eric Matheny is everything you need in these trying times! Eric knows his way around the various S. FL courtrooms and the judges, prosecutors, etc. In my opinion and that of others in the legal profession, this is imperative and extremely helpful. Eric definitely was able to achieve a great result. Another critical attribute of Eric's is his accessibility...better than ANY attorney in any field of expertise, not just criminal when it happens to matter the most. He takes phone calls IMMEDIATELY...even if you just have questions or want updates. If you don't try calling Eric, Eric is calling you, unprompted, just to keep you informed. We could go on and on with reasons why we HIGHLY RECOMMEND Eric Matheny but feel this provides anyone with all they need to know to make an educated decision for yourself.

    - Former Client

  • Eric Matheny is a Master/ Savant- Your expectations will be exceeded
    Hiring Eric Matheny as my attorney was the best decision I ever made regarding my legal matter. From the first consultation to the resolution of your case, he is helpful, courteous, honest, extremely professional and answers all of your legal questions around the clock no matter what until and even AFTER your case is resolved. In the consultation, he guides you through every step in the process and tells you, to the letter, exactly how it will pan out, no surprises. And it did. It will for you too. Eric Matheny is highly recommended and truly an exceptional lawyer. Stellar work and an overall amazing experience.

    - Former Client

    Miami, FL
  • Overall excellent!!
    Overall excellent!! As a client of Eric Matheny, he was on point, professional and kept me informed at all times. Available a phone call away always. I recommend Eric Matheny, P.A. highly.

    - Former Client

  • Excellent Lawyer
    Eric is an excellent lawyer and is dedicated to his clients. I personally vouch for his legal skills and work ethic.

    - Former Client

  • You could not find a more qualified, and caring advocate than Eric.
    Lawyers are in a lot of ways like doctors, when you need one, you need a good one, and you need one now. We hired Eric to handle a misdemeanor charge filed against our son. Eric listened to our plight, understood our motivations to preserve our son's future options, and instantly prescribed a course of action that eventually led to Pre Trial Diversion and Expungement. As a result of Eric's excellent diagnosis of the problem, and the care and concern he applied to our situation, the case progressed through the court system just as we hoped. The result of our collaboration, and Eric's masterful application of his legal expertise, led us to the intended (and desired) outcome. Our son was able to emerge from his own personal "hiccup" and has successfully enlisted in the Armed Services. Had Eric not taken the time to understand our needs and goals, that successful outcome might not have been reachable. You hope you never need the services of a criminal defense attorney, but should you find yourself in that position, you could not find a more qualified, and caring advocate than Eric.

    - Former Client

  • I highly recommend Eric Matheny
    By far the most respected attorney in the US. Eric Matheny has demonstrated the highest quality of profession as a Criminal Defense attorney. The best attribute I can express is Eric's haste and punctuality towards his service. You wont feel as if its just business. Eric Matheny represents your case in the most serious matter possible. I highly recommend Eric Matheny as your Criminal Attorney at Law.

    - Former Client

  • A true Lawyer, Very honest, and a great person!
    I don't know where to begin. Eric Matheny is an exceptional lawyer! He has processed my case with attention to detail. I had an indefinite restraining order put against me and needed it off my record because it was negatively affecting me. I got pulled over and it would come up on my record and for job clearance also. He called me multiple times during the whole process, even when waiting for a court date. He was very well prepared on the court date, and an excellent speaker. If you are looking for a true professional call Eric Matheny.

    - Former Client

  • Good attorney and good guy
    Attorney Matheny did a terrific job when my son and two friends were caught in an unfortunate situation while on spring break. He demonstrated great knowledge of the process, has familiarity with the individuals involved in the prosecutors office, was flexible with tight schedules, was responsive, and effectively communicated with the defendants. Case was dropped and handled expungement process. We should all hope we don't get caught in the apparatus but if you do, I do not hesitate to offer my highest endorsement for Eric.

    - Thomas

  • Top Notch Professional
    I called Mr. Matheny for representation and resolution of an injunction that was taken out against me about 15 years ago. I was unaware that it was a permanent injunction and that it would affect my professional licensing and background checks , forever. Mr. Matheny answered my call personally, took all of the information and prepared the necessary papers to petition the court for relief. During the interval between the filing and the court date he called me several times to update status. I traveled to Miami, Florida (as that was the court of jurisdiction) and we proceeded to appear in front of the judge, Mr. Matheny was the consummate professional and he presented the argument with the facts he had gathered. The court ruled in my favor and dismissed the injunction. This may seem like a very simple matter to the uninitiated but It is really a very complicated and he handled everything like a true expert.

    - George

  • Amazing, Hiring Eric was the best decision I could have made
    I contacted Eric late in the evening just before Thanksgiving, I learned I had a bench warrant isseud for my arrest many years earlier. From our first conversation I felt comfortable and appreciated his honesty. During the entire process he called me more often than I called him. he kept well informed and was understanding to the fact that while it was misdemeanor offense for which I was charged it was a big deal to me. While I hope I never have the need for his services as a criminal attorney, I would recommend him to anyone who finds themselves involved with the criminal justice system. If you're looking for an attorney who will be honest and who fill defend you vigorously then Eric is the attorney you need to hire.

    - Mike

  • Accessible, Helpful & Effective
    I had two charges against me; one in the distant past, and one more recent. I found Eric online, and from the first phone conversation, he was extremely helpful and well-informed. I hired him to expunge a charge, and also to represent me in court. He was confident that my case would be dismissed, and fortunately he was right. Now, he will be expunging the charge, and I will be in good standing once again :) Thanks Eric for being so understanding, positive, and professional...

    - Cathy

  • HE IS THE BEST!!!!
    I've known Eric Matheny now for several months and let me tell you he is the BEST!!!.He knows what he's talking about and he is well respected in the court.If you are looking for an attorney to hire do not hesitate to call him.

    - Jonathan

  • Pitbull-Like Tenacity!
    Eric Matheny has a pitbull like tenacity...he doesn't give up and he doesn't quit until he has won the case even the impossible case. Eric has a never give never surrender mindset and a straight forward attitude that I believe separates him from the pak. I definitely would recommend him to anyone seeking a top-notch, class act attorney.

    - Former Client

  • This is an HONEST lawyer
    Lawyer Eric Matheny is the type of lawyer that when he answers the phone with his clients, he already briefs u on everything that is going on after the word hello exits his mouth. If i had to recommend him to some one i would in a heart beat. Best lawyer i have ever dealt with. If u want a good lawyer then get him to represent you.

    - Michael

  • Beyond Excellent Attorney!!!
    I have to say that Eric Matheny is an excellent attorney! I was going through a serious traffic/suspended license issue that I thought didn't have resolve. I was in complete despair and knew if I handled the issue alone the court would have buried me under. In all honesty when you have a serious case don't go to court un-represented! You're not only going to save yourself time but money as well. Eric Matheny is a very knowledgeable lawyer whom is trustworthy and handles your case with utmost professionalism. I have no words to express my gratitude. With that said, once everything was resolved in court I was able to make good on my license, get insurance and am currently driving my car. Something I thought was completely hopeless Eric was able to handle it and I couldn't be happier. Thank you so much Eric for all your help!!!

    - Hilda

  • Best Attorney!
    Very professional, caring, excellent communication, kept me informed the whole time. Very satisfied. Will definitely recommend.

    - Former Client