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  • Case Dismissed Manslaughter

    The client, an 18 year old man, was accused of shooting and killing his best friend.

    Through painstaking investigation, it was discovered that a defect in the firearm- and not the actions of the client - may have caused the death of the alleged victim.

    Based upon this information, the State Attorney dismissed the case.

    Had the client been convicted he was facing 30 years in prison with a 25 year minimum mandatory term.

  • Charges Dismissed Aggravated Battery
    Client was charged with aggravated battery with a firearm for shooting a fellow employee at work. He faced 30 years in prison with a mandatory 20-year sentence. Attorney Eric Matheny got involved right away and provided witness accounts and evidence supporting the fact that the shooting was in self-defense. After delaying the filing of formal charges for over 100 days, the state filed a misdemeanor charge. When the case got to County Court on the misdemeanor, the Client was still facing a year in jail. To make matters worse, the misdemeanor prosecutors added a second charge. Now the Client was facing 2 years in jail. Attorney Eric Matheny litigated the matter extensively, pushing for a trial. On the day of trial as the jury was lining up outside the courtroom door, the state offered the Client Pretrial Diversion. This resolution will result in the dismissal of the charges upon the Client's completion of a weapons class.
  • Case Dismissed Battery Charge
    Client was charged with beating a woman in a public parking lot. There were two eyewitnesses to this incident. Client was charged with battery and faced a year in jail. Client owned a successful business and stood to lose his reputation and livelihood, in addition to his freedom. Attorney Eric Matheny demonstrated to the prosecutor that the alleged victim had been dishonest with the police. He also showed that the two eyewitnesses did not see what they had originally believed they had. Prosecutor believed this account of the incident and dismissed the case. Client's record was expunged afterwards.
  • Charge Dismissed Battery Charge
    Client was caught on tape in a physical altercation with another man. Client was charged with battery and faced a year in jail. Attorney Eric Matheny immediately set a meeting with the prosecutor to review the surveillance tape frame by frame. Attorney Eric Matheny was able to convince the prosecutor that Client was not the aggressor but was defending his physically disabled wife from a much larger, more aggressive opponent. State dismissed charges on the morning of trial. The alleged victim was in court and strongly voiced his objection to this dismissal.
  • Charge Dismissed Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer
    Client was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting an officer with violence, disorderly intoxication, and DUI. It was the Client's second DUI. There were multiple officer witnesses to this incident, as well as a civilian who apparently saw client behind the wheel. Client was facing 15 years in prison on the felonies, and 1 year and 60 days on the misdemeanors, including a driver's license suspension for the DUI. Attorney Eric Matheny won the DHSMV Formal Review and Client was able to regain his driving privilege. Attorney Eric Matheny persuaded the state to dismiss two of the felony counts prior to filing. Attorney Eric Matheny successfully negotiated a PTI (Pretrial Intervention) resolution for the Client whereby the resisting with violence charge and the disorderly intoxication charge will be dismissed upon Clients completion of the six-month program. On the DUI, Attorney Eric Matheny fought aggressively and was able to get that charge dismissed.
  • Charges Dismissed Burglary Charge
    Client had multiple priors, including violent offenses, DUIs, and felonies. Client was charged with burglary of an occupied dwelling, aggravated assault, battery, and criminal mischief after being accused of breaking into a man's home and threatening him with a knife. Client was facing over 20 years in prison. Case attracted national media attention. Client submitted to a polygraph exam and passed. The results were provided to the prosecutor by Eric Matheny. The prosecutor dismissed all felony charges and filed only two misdemeanor counts. Client entered a no contest plea to the two misdemeanor counts and was ordered only to pay the court costs. Client received no jail time nor any probationary term.
  • Charge Dismissed Burglary with Assault or Battery
    Client was charged with burglary with an assault or battery, a felony punishable by life, after being accused of going into a family's home and attacking the homeowner with a stick. The Client was held in custody without a bond and faced a maximum of life in prison. Attorney Eric Matheny was able to convince the prosecutor only 6 days after the Client's arrest that the Client had permission to enter the house, thereby negating the charge of burglary. The prosecutor agreed to a reasonable bond and Client was released from jail. Client was charged with only one misdemeanor count that was dismissed by the state on the day of trial.
  • Case Dismissed Burglary with Assault or Battery

    Client was arrested and charged with burglary with an assault or battery. Client was facing life in prison and was being held without bond. Attorney Eric Matheny was able to convince the prosecutor to amend the charges to bondable offenses, resulting in the Client's release from jail within 15 days of arrest. Attorney Eric Matheny was able to further convince the prosecutor to offer Client the Pretrial Intervention program where the case will be dismissed after six months of anger management, staying away from the alleged victim, and staying out of trouble.

  • Charges Dismissed Disorderly Intoxication
    Client was visiting from out of town. He was arrested and charged with disorderly intoxication after being ejected from a club on South Beach. Client was a well-respected physician in his home state and criminal charges could have had serious implications with his ability to practice medicine. Client also faced 6 months in jail, 6 months probation, and a $500 fine. State dismissed the charges prior to arraignment.
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