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Strong-Arm Robbery

Strong-arm robbery is a robbery crime in Florida, but one that does not involve the use of a weapon. Unlike armed robbery, strong-arm robbery is defined as the taking of property by force, threat, or coercion without the use of a weapon.
Strong-arm robbery is a second degree felony, punishable by a maximum of 15 years in prison. It is a serious felony because an essential element of the charge is the allegation that a person was robbed by force or threat. The State Attorney's Office will no doubt represent the interests of their alleged victim to the fullest extent possible. As a former Miami-Dade prosecutor, I know that alleged victims are always consulted by prosecutors, and if the alleged victim wants to see the accused in prison, the State Attorney's Office will seek prison, even on a first-time offender.
Strong-arm robbery does not carry any mandatory prison time unless you have been designated as a Career Criminal (HVO, PRRP, etc...).
Penalties can range from Pretrial Intervention (PTI) all the way up to a lengthy prison sentence.
Many different types of unarmed robbery can be considered strong-arm robbery. For instance, it is strong-arm robbery to walk into a bank with a note claiming that you have a gun in an effort to take money. While no force was used, there was still a threat issued for the purpose of obtaining property.
On the more extreme side, it is also strong-arm robbery to beat a person physically in an effort to gain their property.
If the alleged victim is injured, additional charges such as aggravated battery may follow.
Strong-arm robbery is a charge that CANNOT BE SEALED if you plead guilty and receive a withhold of adjudication.
Remember that, and discuss this with your Miami-Dade County criminal defense attorney before considering pleading guilty. You will be stuck with a criminal record of a robbery for the rest of your life.
Strong-arm robbery is taking seriously by the State, and it should be taken seriously by you if charged. It is also a bondable offense, however, so you will be able to get out of jail pending trial.
I practice criminal defense in Miami-Dade and Broward. If you are facing strong-arm robbery charges, call me today to discuss the best way to defend you against these charges.