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What Are The Penalties For A First DUI?

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There is a lot of talk about the seriousness of a DUI, but what about the penalties for a first DUI offense?

Can you go to jail for afirst DUI? How much probation would you be made to do if you were to plead guilty or no contest? What sort of conditions would I be made to complete? What are the penalties for DUI?

My Qualifications

Before my promotion to the Felony Division, I was an Assistant State Attorney in County Court prosecuting DUIs that occurred all throughout Miami-Dade County. Now, as a Miami-Dade County DUI attorney, I use the tools I learned as a prosecutor to exploit the inherent weaknesses in a DUI case.

While every accused person should know the maximum penalties that they are facing, they should also know the minimum penalties, too. Yes, that’s right. Minimum penalties.

In Florida, DUI carry mandatory minimum penalties.

Penalties for a First DUI in Florida

Minimum Penalties

  • Mandatory adjudication (conviction)
  • Court costs, $250 fine
  • 6-month license suspension
  • 6-month of reporting probation with the conditions of DUI school
  • 50 community service hours
  • 10-day vehicle impoundment (at your expense).

Maximum Penalties

  • Adjudication (conviction)
  • court costs
  • $500 fine
  • 1-year license suspension
  • 1-year of reporting probation with the conditions of DUI school
  • Unlimited community service hours
  • 10-day vehicle impoundment (again, at your expense)
  • One session of the Victim Impact Panel
  • 180 days in jail

As you can see, even the minimum penalties for a first DUI are harsh. What’s worse, is that these are mandatory penalties, meaning there is little wiggle room when negotiating a plea. That is why good representation is so vital. These cases are won with motions and trial.

If you plead no contest, the prosecutor will more than likely offer you the first DUI mandatory minimum penalties. If you plead no contest on the day of trial, your penalties may be enhanced.

Additionally, if you gave a breath sample and the level was .20 or higher, you are subjected to statutory enhancements, such as a $500 fine, 1-year license suspension, and six months with an ignition interlock device in your car – oh yeah, all at your expense.

A DUI conviction can have lasting side effects on your daily life. Don’t plead no contest without first talking to an experienced Miami-Dade County criminal attorney.

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