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Probation Violation Warrants

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If you are or have ever been on probation in the State of Florida, you know that a probation violation can lead to the issuing of a probation violation warrant. If a probation violation warrant is issued, then you can be arrested and taken into custody.
Probation violation warrants can be issued for both misdemeanor and felony probation. A violation occurs when your probation officer believes that you have failed to complete a condition of probation (such as community service hours, restitution payments, or classes). A violation can also occur if you have failed to report to your probation officer, or have left the jurisdiction without permission (absconding). A violation will also occur if you are arrested for a new crime.
If you are arrested for a new crime while out on probation, you will likely remain in custody without a bond. A new law violation (a new arrest while on probation) is troubling for the accused because now they must fight the new charge as well as the violation. This is the most serious type of probation violation.
A technical probation violation, however, is less serious, but will still lead to the issuing of a probation violation warrant. A technical violation can be anything from failure to make restitution payments to failure to report. Regardless, a technical probation violation can still lead to your arrest.
There are many situations, however, where probation violations are years old, and the individual doesn't find out about the outstanding warrant until they try to apply for social security, or try to apply for U.S. citizenship. This is more common than you think.
Imagine if you were on probation in Miami or Broward back in 2000, you think you completed all of your conditions, but due to miscommunication with your probation officer, you were violated and a warrant was issued in 2001. However, you moved in 2001 and have been living in another state since then. In 2010, you apply for a job, citizenship, or social security benefits, and this 10-year old warrant pops up in the system.
I handle many of these old probation warrants for out-of-state clients. If the violations are technical, they are usually fixable provided the court is made aware why or how the violation occurred. If there are outstanding court costs, you will likely need to pay those before the warrant is dismissed and the probation term is formally ended by the court.
It doesn't matter where in the United States, or world, you live. I would like to help you resolve your probation warrant issue. I am a Miami-Dade County criminal defense attorney who handles probation warrants in Miami-Dade and Broward.
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