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Being Falsely Accused

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One of the scariest things I encounter as a Miami-Dade County criminal defense attorney are clients who have been falsely accused of a crime.
It's hard to believe that with all of the technology available to us, that people are still falsely accused of committing crimes. Well, this ain't CSI: Miami, folks. This is real life. Did you know that the State Attorney's Office can prosecute you for a crime with no physical evidence?
There is no legal requirement that the prosecutor have physical evidence in order to charge you with a crime. One person's word can be more than enough for the State to file charges.
So in other words, one person who says that you did something can give a statement to the police and prosecutor. So long as the police and prosecutor find that person's statement to be believable, you may be prosecuted for a crime.
Common false allegations include:
  • Domestic violence crimes
  • Sexual battery
  • Lewd or lascivious batery or assault
Obviously, you can be falsely accused of any crime, it's just that I find these types of crimes to be the most commonly filed charges where the entire case rests of the statement of one person.
Domestic violence cases often contain false allegations, especially when alleged victims have ulterior motives. Those motives may include trying to get a better settlement in a pending divorce, or trying to get custody of the kids. The alleged victims assume that if they can get their partner charged with domestic violence, the courts may frown upon that and grant custody or a larger divorce settlement to the alleged victim.
With sex crimes, many times, alleged victims will feel regretful about a one-night stand, or having had sex with a certain person. If alcohol was involved, sometimes the alleged victim will convince themselves that he or she did not consent to the sex. With this alleged victim's statement, the police and prosecutors may have exactly what they need in order to charge you with a crime.
So what do you do?
It's terrifying when you are innocent yet the government is trying to take away your freedom due to an unfounded charge. The police and the prosecutors have a great deal of power, and you need somebody in your corner to fight back against the State.
I represent clients in Miami-Dade County and Broward County. If you are in need of a criminal defense attorney to help defend you against false charges, call me today to discuss your case. Your freedom may be at stake.