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Misdemeanor Drug Court (Broward County)

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In Broward County, Florida, you may be eligible to go to Drug Court for your misdemeanor possession of marijuana case.
This is a novel concept. In fact, Broward County, Florida, had the first ever Misdemeanor Drug Court Program in the country, thanks to Judge Gisele Pollack.
Drug Court is a form of pre-trial diversion under section 948.16 of the Florida Statutes. Eligible people may have their charges dismissed upon successful completion. If not qualified for pre-trial diversion, they may participate in MDCP as a special condition of probation, receiving a withhold of adjudication. Participants must complete a minimum of six (6) months of treatment, not to exceed twelve (12) months. The MDCP combines the established drug court model of therapeutic jurisprudence and criminal justice system supervision services with community-based education, substance abuse evaluation and treatment services.
As a criminal defense attorney, I have been able to get clients into the Misdemeanor Drug Court Program, resulting in the dismissal of their misdemeanor drug charges.
I handle criminal cases in both Miami-Dade County and Broward County. Call today to discuss whether Drug Court is a good option for you.