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Broward Mom Arrested For DUI With 5 Children In Car

The Sun Sentinel reports that a Davie woman is facing DUI and child neglect charges after she was arrested for a DUI-related traffic accident with 5 children in the car.
The 33-year old woman allegedly told investigators that she had consumed wine at a party. A Davie police officer wrote in his report that he smelled alcohol on the woman's breath and described her as having "glassy bloodshot eyes."
Police said there were no serious injuries in the crash that took place in the 7600 block of Griffin Road in Davie.
According to police, the back seat of the car Christlieb was driving had three seatbelts and the five children were "sitting on top of each other" when the crash happened.
Police arrested the woman after she reportedly did not pass the field sobriety exercises.
The woman has been charged with five counts of child neglect, one count of driving under the influence. She was released from jail after posting $5,500 bond.
Florida law provides for enhanced penalties for a DUI charge if the breath-alcohol reading is over .15, or if there is a child present in the car. In this case, the woman will likely face enhanced DUI penalties due to the allegation that 5 children were present in the car at the time of the incident.

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