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Felonies Punishable By Life In Prison

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In the State of Florida, the most serious offenses are designated as being "life felonies" or "first degree felonies punishable by life," also known as 1st PBL's.

The point is, both types of crimes are punishable by a statutory maximum of life in prison. If you are a Prison Releasee Reoffender (PRRP), you will face a mandatory sentence of life in prison for any of the following offenses:

2) Sexual Battery; victim less than 12 years; offender 18 years or older

3) Lewd or Lascivious Molestation; victim less than 12 years; offender 18 years or older

4) Armed Robbery; firearm or deadly weapon

5) Armed Carjacking; firearm or deadly weapon

6) Murder

7) Burglary with an Assault or Battery

8) Armed Burglary

These are just some of the most serious felonies in Florida that are punishable by life.

These offenses carry a maximum life term, so by Florida law, they are non-bondable offenses. A criminal defense attorney will have to set an Arthur Hearing, whereby the judge will determine whether the accused can be released on bond rather than remain in custody.

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