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Home Invasion Robbery Suspects Wanted In North Miami

Police are looking for three armed men who broke into a Miami-Dade County home and held up its residents at gunpoint.

North Miami Police and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue crews responded to the scene of the home invasion robbery, which occurred at the home near Northeast Fourth Avenue and 127th Street, Sunday morning.

According to police, the three suspects claimed to be police officers and stormed into the home. They held up all six residents inside at gunpoint.

The suspects allegedly pistol-whipped two of the male residents. One of the female victims suffered a seizure and was rushed to an area hospital.

The suspects allegedly stole handbags and cell phones before they fled the scene. If arrested, the suspects will likely be held without bond. They will need an Arthur Hearing in order to have a chance of getting a bond.

Various types of evidence will be examined as police attempt to arrest these suspects. First and foremost, the police will speak with witnesses and alleged victims to see if a positive idenfication can be made. Descriptions of the suspects will be released. If the descriptions of the suspects match physical descriptions of convicted felons or persons with past contacts with law enforcement, the police will put together photo lineups that will include pictures of the suspects. If the suspects are identified, the police will have enough probable cause to arrest.

Police will also swab the home for DNA, as well as dust for fingerprints. Police will also speak with neighbors to see if anybody saw anything or can identify a vehicle that was in the area.

Home invasion robbery is a life felony. It is important that the State Attorney file charges only when the evidence can prove the accused people guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Any weaknesses in the evidence, such as eyewitnesses whose identifications are uncertain, or lack of physical evidence, must be exploited. A good defense attorney knows how to exploit weaknesses in a case.

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