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Teen Killed By Co-Defendant In Failed Robbery

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An alleged robbery plot among teens came to a deadly end before it began for a 15-year-old boy, according to police.

The Palm Beach Sheriff's Office has said that the deceased was driving an allegedly stolen car from Broward County, and died in Boynton Beach after the gun accidentally went off.

Police said the teen had a school ID from Coral Gables Sr. High.

Police received a phone call at around 7:30 in the morning, Tuesday, after someone called 911 reporting a robbery. Investigators said they found the mortally-wounded deceased with two other teens, who had allegedly claimed that the deceased was shot by a robber.

While the shot teen was transported to the hospital, police interviewed the other two teens.

The teen who suffered the bullet wound later died at the hospital. Meanwhile, the stories from the other teens of being victims of an attempted robbery did not match. Police soon determined the trio had traveled from Miami-Dade County to Palm Beach in order to commit their own robberies.

A Palm Beach Sheriff's Office spokesperson said, "One of them was sitting in the back seat behind the driver and ... fooling around, the gun went off and protruded through the back seat into the driver, killing the driver."

No charges have been filed, at this point, but the possibility remains they might be charged with felony murder, as they are believed to have been in the process of committing a crime when the deceased died.
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