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Broward State Attorney Prosecuting More Police Officers Than Ever Before

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Last week, former Miramar Police Officer Jean Paul Jacobi was found guilty of official misconduct, guilty of criminal mischief, and guilty of falsifying records.

Jacobi's December 19 conviction,on charges related to an illegal search of a marijuana grow house in 2010, was the second against a police officer this month. On December 6, another jury found former Hollywood Police Officer Dewey Pressley guilty of falsifying records in a DUI and crash investigation.

In recent months, the Broward State Attorney's has brought criminal charges against a number of police officers accused of committing crimes while in uniform.

In my experience as a criminal defense attorney, I have dealt with police officers who have been less than honest. While I am a zealous advocate for the accused, I believe in justice above all. A just system means that police officers will be held accountable for their actions.

We as a society place a great deal of trust and responsibility in the hands of police. Sworn officers of the law owe it to us to carry out their duties with respect, honor, and above all, honesty. I have known many police officers and I believe that all good, hard-working policemen and policewomen would agree with this statement.

I am glad to see that Broward's State Attorney is taking a firm stance against police corruption. Once officers realize that prosecutors will no longer turn a blind eye to allegations of misconduct, they may be more prone to be on their best behavior, resulting in more fairness and integrity in the criminal justice system.