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Charges Pending For Davie Woman Involved In Accidental Shooting

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A Davie man was hospitalized on Sunday for a gunshot wound after his girlfriend allegedly fired the weapon by accident while cleaning it.

The 40-year old accused woman told police that at 4 a.m. she's couldn't sleep. She decided to wake up and clean her boyfriend's .38 caliber revolver. While cleaning the gun, it accidentally went off twice, striking the man in the abdomen.

Charges are supposedly pending, which I imagine would be culpable negligence. Had the alleged victim died as a result of the wounds, the accused could be charged with manslaughter.

However, since there was no death, the only charge I can foresee would be culpable negligence. If the evidence supports the fact that the shooting was an accident, the accused cannot be charged with any intentional crimes, such as aggravated battery with a deadly weapon or even attempted murder.

Culpable negligence can be a misdemeanor or a felony.