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Misconduct Case Against Hollywood Police Officer To Go To Jury

By the time you read this, the jury may have a verdict. But as of now, the case against the former Hollywood police officer accused of falsifying reports and official misconduct will go to the jury.

A jury trial is a complicated process. A good criminal attorney is trained in the art (and it is an art) of trial litigation.

Most criminal cases are resolved by plea negotiations, whereby each side gives a little and takes a little until a mutually-beneficial agreement is reached.

However, in some cases, a jury trial is essential. It is also a fundamental right.

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In this case, a veteran Hollywood, Florida, police officer is accused of lying on reports and fabricating a story about how a traffic accident involving a fellow officer occurred. The officer is accused of claiming that he will, "Do a little Walt Disney" in order to write the report so that the officer involved in the crash didn't get in trouble. Apparently, the officer involved in the crash had prior traffic incidents while on patrol.

After both sides present their closing arguments, the Judge instructs the jury. After the jury is given their instructions, they are sent to deliberate. Deliberations take as long as needed for the jury to reach a verdict. Their verdict must be unanimous.

The jury can return a verdict of guilty or not guilty to all or some counts. The jury may also agree on guilty-lesser offenses. The jury can also decide that they cannot reach a unanimous decision. This is known as a hung jury, which will result in a mistrial.

Talk to your criminal defense attorney to decide whether a jury trial is in your best interest.