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Physical Evidence

A good criminal defense attorney has the ability to review a case and determine its strengths and weaknesses based on the evidence. A lot of lawyers - myself included -will make a decision on how to proceed in a case only upon evaluating that evidence. That's because it's that evidence that is shown to the jury who will ultimately decide whether an accused person is guilty or not guilty.
As a former Miami-Dade prosecutor, I always appreciated a case with strong physical evidence. Physical evidence includes DNA, fingerprints, surveillance video, a weapon, or any type of tangible thing that a jury can examine.
But physical evidence does not make or break the State's case. I have seen strong cases with only witness testimony as the evidence against the accused. I have seen weak cases with fingerprints, DNA, and other physical forms of evidence.
Take burglary of an unoccupied dwelling for instance. The strength of a burglary case can depend on the physical evidence. Are there fingerprints inside of the home? Is there home video surveillance? Were DNA swabs taken?
On the other hand, a credible eyewitness who says he or she saw somebody break into a home can be just as convincing.
Being charged with a crime can be upsetting. You may not know what the outcome will be, and that seems to be everyone's biggest fear. Fear of the unknown.
A criminal attorney cannot guarantee an outcome, but an experienced and skilled advocate can help you to make the most informed decision regarding your case. An informed decision may help you to get your charges reduced, win at trial, or negotiate a favorable plea.
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