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How Can I Get Early Termination From Probation?

The best thing that can happen when you are on probation is to get off probation succesfully. This can happen one of two ways: either you complete your full term of probation or you ask the court for early termination.
If eligible, you should always ask for early termination.
Early termination of probation may be available to you. While it never hurts to ask (the worst the judge can do is say no), your chances increase dramtically if you have satisfied the following:
1) You have had no probation violations
2) You have completed at least 50% of your probationary term
3) You have been sentenced (or accepted a guilty plea) in such a manner that early termination was not explicitly prohibited.
4) Your probation officer either supports early termination or does not object to it.
5) You are on probation for a non-violent offense.
These 5 things I have mentioned are just a few important factors to consider when retaining a Miami-Dade County criminal defense attorney for the purpose of filing a Motion For Early Termination.
While these factors are not the only things to consider, if you qualify based on the above criteria, it is my belief that you are in good shape for early termination.
Once your early termination is granted, you will be off probation. If you are otherwise eligible, you may begin the record sealing process.
If you are on probation and would like to explore the option of early termination, contact me. I represent clients in both Miami-Dade and Broward.