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Three Coral Springs Men Arrested In Teen's Death

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News website reports that the Coral Springs Police have arrested three suspects in connection to a 17-year old's death.
The three men, all adults, were arrested Thursday and are being charged with first-degree murder.
The 17-year old was found dead on the side of the road in Coral Springs on Tuesday night. Police say that the three men and the 17-year old were in the process of conducting a drug deal in front of a house on the street.
The three men reportedly had planned to steal the narcotics from the 17-year old. After the three men allegedly took the drugs, the 17-year old grabbed on to their car until he eventually fell off, dying from his injuries.
The suspects drove off and left him on the road and a resident found his body that night.
The three men are being held in the Broward County Jail without a bond as first-degree murder is a non-bondable offense.
Obviously, the maximum punishment for first-degree murder is death by lethal injection. However, the necessary aggravating factors may not be present in order for the Broward State Attorney's Office to seek the death penalty.
The men are being charged with first-degree murder right now because the police have likely determined that their crime was felony murder. That is, the murder occurred during the course of a robbery where the three men were allegedly trying to steal drugs from the 17-year old.
Formal charges usually come 21-30 days after the arrest. The Broward State Attorney's Office will do an investigation into the facts and circumstances of the case and at that time they will file formal charges.
Murder is an exceptionally serious crime. It takes a skilled Miami-Dade County criminal defense attorney to defend a client against murder charges. Most of the time, murder cases go to trial due to the fact that plea offers are either unacceptable, or not even considered.
In Florida, however, judges mustimpose a mandatory life sentence to anybody convicted of first-degree murder.
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