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Fort Lauderdale Woman Arrested For Murder

Local 10 reports that a woman was arrested Tuesday, accused of first-degree murder in the death of a man at his Fort Lauderdale mansion.

The 54-year old suspect turned herself in for the death of the 70-year-old man.

Fort Lauderdale police said that the alleged victim had been trying to end his live-in relationship with the suspect, and that resulted in a confrontation with her that led to his death.

Fort Lauderdale police received a call just before 1:30 p.m. June 28 reporting that a dead man had been found at 101 Coconut Drive. Officers arrived to find the deceased's body on the floor of the multimillion-dollar home, wrapped in bedding and plastic bags.

On June 29, the Broward County medical examiner performed an autopsy and determined that the alleged victim's death was a homicide. Fort Lauderdale police said crime scene technicians found several items at the home linking the accused to the alleged victim's death.

The suspect will remain in custody for the time being, as first-degree premeditated murder is a non-bondable offense in the State of Florida. An Arthur Hearing, which is a specialized bond hearing, will likely occur later in which a Court may decide to release the accused on bond pending trial. At the Arthur Hearing, a judge must decide whether there is sufficient evidence against the accused that could lead to a conviction at trial (called "proof evident, presumption great"), and that pretrial detention is required for the safety of the community.

First-degree murder carries a maximum penalty of death by lethal injection in Florida. Even if the State of Florida does not seek the death penalty, a conviction of first-degree murder requires the Court to impose a mandatory life sentence.

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