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July 4, 2011: How Not To Get Arrested

Be careful this weekend. It's 4th of July, and law enforcement will be out in full swing. The weather is warm and Monday is a holiday, so we can expect an influx of out-of-town visitors here in Miami and Broward.

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4th of July is a fun time, but it's also a weekend when alcohol will be freely flowing. DUI checkpoints are very common over 4th of July weekend. Regulations require that law enforcement agencies publish where and when the checkpoints will take place. Search online and in local newspapers to see where and when 4th of July checkpoints will be taking place so that you can avoid them. While you should never drive impaired, sometimes all it takes is a faint odor of alcohol on your breath to get you arrested.

Disorderly intoxication is also a popular 4th of July weekend crime. It's a stupid charge, really, but it is still illegal in the State of Florida. Basically, if you are being too loud while drunk, you may find yourself arrested. If you find yourself getting a bit drunk, try to keep your voice and actions subdued. If law enforcement is walking up and down the beach, don't do anything to attract their attention.

Avoid fights. Nothing will land you in jail quicker than a fight. If you are accused of being the aggressor, you may find yourself charged with battery, or worse. If the fight is mutual, you and your fellow combatant will likely be charged with disorderly conduct.

Have fun, celebrate with friends and family. But if you are going to be drunk and loud, it is best to celebrate at your own home. If you are going to hit the bars and beaches, proceed with caution.

So happy 4th of July! I wish you all a great weekend and I hope that you will not have to call me...but I am here if you do.

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