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Miami-Dade School Employees Arrested In Organized Fraud Ring

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WSVN reports that several Miami-Dade Schools employees have been arrested and charged in an alleged organized scheme to defraud.

The Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office released details of the arrests during a press conference. The allegations are that the employees participated in what's known as "patient brokering," which is when a medial clinic will pay people to come to a clinic and then, in order to make up for that money as well as make a profit, that clinic will bill the insurance company for all sorts of procedures that never happen.

Investigators said that Miami-Dade Schools employees would bring in other school employees to the clinic. Most of those employees were bus drivers within the school district. They would promise them $800 in cash to visit as a patient, whether they were sick or not. They would also offer $50 to refer someone else. "Their name and their insurance claim number would be used for a bunch of services that were never performed," explained Katherine Fernandez-Rundle, Miami-Dade's State Attorney.

Officials said they expect to make more arrests as the investigation continues, and they feel the thefts could total as much as $3 million.

I expect several charges to come, including first-degree grand theft, in addition to organized scheme to defraud.

Grand theft in the first degree, which alleges that more than $100,000 was stolen, is punishable by up to 30 years in prison.

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