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Convicted Murderer Sentenced to 120 Years

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The Sun Sentinel reports that one of three co-defendants charged with the robbery and murder of a West Palm Beach jewelry store owner was sentenced on Friday to life in prison plus 120 years.

The defendant, who faced sentencing enhancements under Florida's career criminal statutes, was convicted on February 16, 2011, of the armed robbery and shooting death of the owner of the jewelry store.

The trial evidence showed that on July 26, 2010, the defendant and an accomplice were wearing dark clothing and masks when they entered the jewelry store.

The defendant and his co-defendants allegedly ordered the jewelry store owner to open the safe as one of his employees was forced to the back of the office at gunpoint.

At trial, the evidence against the defendant was strong.  One of his co-defendants "flipped," meaning that he testified against the defendant in exchange for a lighter sentence.  There was also video surveillance from the store, as well as a positive identification of the defendant by two other store employees.

Murder cases almost always go to trial because plea negotiations rarely work in favor of the accused.  Prosecutors and detectives rarely offer those accused of murder anything less than a couple of decades in state prison.

I have tried murder cases and understand how difficult they can be.  I also understand the preparation, skill, and strategy involved.  As a criminal defense attorney, it is my job to hold the State to its burden and exploit weaknesses in the evidence.

Murder and robbery are two of the most serious charges you can face.  If facing them together, you may be charged with what's known as felony murder.  

I represent clients charged with serious felonies, including robbery and murder, in Miami-Dade and Broward.

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