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Miami Beach Cops Gearing Up For Spring Break

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The Miami Herald published an article recently about how those heading to South Beach for this year's spring break should be aware that Miami Beach police will be stepping up enforcement.

Spring break arrests typically happen to out-of-towners.  Usually young college-age people with no criminal records.  Most of the arrests are alcohol-related.

Spring break arrests commonly occur on or near the beach due to the high level of enforcement, as well as the prevalence of alcohol.  Arrests for disorderly intoxication and disorderly conduct are not uncommon.

Most arrestees will be issued a PTA (promise to appear).  Others will be physically arrested and will have to post a bond.

Since most spring break arrestees are from out of town, they will either need to return for their court dates, or hire a criminal defense attorney who then waives the presence of the accused.

In fact, most misdemeanor offenses can be resolved without the accused ever having to show up in court at all.

Felony arrests can also occur during spring break, as can arrests for driving under the influence.  DUI checkpoints are not uncommon during the spring break season.

Spring break generates a lot of money for Miami-Dade and Broward.  However, residents complaining of noise and liter has led to this heightened law enforcement effort to go after tourists.  

If you get arrested while on spring break, don't panic.  Your rights are universal - the cops cannot arbitrarily search you, they cannot compel you to talk to them.

Be polite but be firm.  And if arrested, contact me to discuss your case.  I am a criminal lawyer serving Miami-Dade and Broward and I have represented many young people arrested while on spring break.