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Pompano Beach Woman Arrested For Slapping Child on School Bus

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News websites and are both reporting that a 29-year old Pompano Beach woman has been arrested after she allegedly walked onto a school bus and slapped a child who had been bullying the woman's young daughter.

The woman is being held in Broward County Jail without bond because she has been charged with burglary with an assault or battery.

She is being held without a bond because burglary with an assault or battery is a non-bondable offense.  

She is also being held without a bond because of an outstanding bench warrant for a DWLS (driving with license suspended), as well as a pending violation of probation.

As well as burglary with an assault or battery, she is facing an additional felony count of child abuse.  Child abuse is a third degree felony, unless there is serious injury, which promotes it to a second degree felony.

I believe that burglary with an assault or battery is a bit of an extreme charge for an allegation of an open-handed slap on a school bus.  But then again, Broward police and prosecutors are not known for their leniency.  I find Broward to be a tough jurisdiction.

That is why if you are charged with a crime in Broward, it is crucial that you are represented by a criminal defense attorney.

A proactive attorney during the pre-file stage of a case may be able to get charges reduced.  Additionally, good work on the front end of a case may also lead to a bond being set, whether by agreement between the defense and the State, or by a motion to the court.

In any respect, I hate it when my clients are in jail without bond.  I work tirelessly to get them out if possible.

If you or somebody you know is charged with a crime in Broward or Miami-Dade County, call me today.