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Armed Carjacking Suspect Wanted in North Miami Beach

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WSVN reports that North Miami Beach Police are searching for an armed carjacking suspect who allegedly targeted a victim as he arrived at the bank to make a large cash deposit.

North Miami Beach Police arrived at the scene where the robbery and carjacking occurred.  It happened in the parking lot of the Bank of America located at 1199 NE 163rd St.

According to police, the alleged victim arrived at the bank to deposit a large amount of cash when the robber put a gun to his head. The thief made off with more than $100,000.  Additionally, the suspected carjacker took the alleged victim with him after forcing him to get back into his car.

After the alleged carjacker had been driving the car for a few minutes, the alleged victim was able to jump out of the car.

Armed carjacking is punishable by life in prison in the State of Florida.  If arrested, this accused person will likely face armed carjacking, armed robbery, and armed kidnapping charges.

All of these charges are non-bondable offenses.

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