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Girlfriend of Alleged Robber Killed By Homeowner Charged With Felony Murder

As a follow-up to yesterday's blog entry regarding the homeowner who shot an intruder in Miami Shores, there was an interesting article posted on this afternoon.

The 19-year old girlfriend of the deceased intruder has been charged with felony murder.

That's because police and prosecutors are alleging that the young girl served as an accomplice of the deceased in an effort to commit a felony: the burglary of the homeowner's property and the grand theft of the personal watercraft.

Florida law states that if you are a co-defendant in the commission of a felony, and your co-defendant dies during the commission of the felony, you can be criminally liable for the co-defendant's death.

So even if the homeowner shot the alleged intruder, the girlfriend of the alleged intruder can be charged with his murder.

The girlfriend of the alleged intruder is presently being held without bond in the Miami-Dade County Jail - Women's Detention Center.

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