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Miami Woman Allegedly Runs Over Ex-Boyfriend and New Girlfriend With Car

The Miami Herald is reporting on a love triangle with a violent twist. Supposedly, a 20-year old Miami woman ran over her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend with her car.

Miami police have arrested the suspect after she allegedly struck her former boyfriend and his current girlfriend with her car and then left the scene, leaving her ex-boyfriend with severe head injuries.
In what police and prosecutors consider a "jealous rage,"In a jealous fury, the accused allegedly sped up her car near West Flagler Street and 30th Avenue in Miami when she spotted her ex-boyfriend and new girlfriend near a Walgreen's parking lot.
The accused reportedly abandoned her car and fled the scene on foot.
Fire Rescue took the ex-boyfriend to an area hospital where he was treated for severe head injuries, a broken leg and several cuts.
The new girlfriend had only some minor cuts and bruises.
The accused is being charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder.
If the facts indicate that the accused and the ex-boyfriend have either lived together in the past or have children in common, this case will be treated as a case of domestic violence.
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