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Palm Beach Mother Held Without Bond in Attempted Murder of Son

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A woman charged with attempted murder in the stabbing of her 12-year-old son was denied bond Saturday morning.

The accused, a 45-year old Lake Worth mother, was emotional as the judge ordered her to be held in custody without bond.

The Court was informed that the accused woman had a history of mental illness.

It is alleged that the woman went into her son's room as he slept, woke him up, and proceeded to stab him repeatedly in the chest.

The boy is in serious but stable condition.

As a criminal defense attorney who has handled both murder and attempted murder cases, I understand how crucial it is to analyze your client's mental health history.

While the evidence in this case may support a finding of factual guilt (i.e., the accused did in fact stab her son), her state of mind (which goes to intent) may be the cornerstone of her defense.

She may have an insanity defense, or a claim of mental incompetence which may result in a favorable plea or even dismissal of the charges if she is unable to be restored to competency.

Criminal law and mental health often intersect.  I have assisted clients in obtaining very favorable resolutions to their cases due to mitigation for mental health reasons.

I handle criminal cases in Miami-Dade and Broward.  If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges and may have a mental health issue, please call me so that we may discuss the best options available.