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Arrested On Halloween: Part II

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I discussed the exact topic last year, but every year, thousands of people in the Miami-Dade and Broward areas are arrested on Halloween night.

Halloween is supposed to be fun, but unfortunately, soemtimes people run into problems with police. Common Halloween crimes include criminal mischief (destruction of property), disorderly intoxication, and even DUI.

In the minds of law enforcement officers, Halloween involves crowds of people staying out at night, possibly drinking or up to destructive behaviors.

Halloween arrests can be misdemeanors, where you may be issued a written promise to appear (PTA). Halloween arrests can also be felonies.

Criminal mischief in excess of $1,000 worth of damage is a third-degree felony. DUI with serious bodily injury is also a felony. As well, any property damage done to somebody's car or on sombody's property could possibly be charged as a burglary.

If you were in Miami or Fort Lauderdale for Halloween but do not live here, you may need to discuss your case with a criminal defense attorney rather quickly so that your presence in court can be waived.

If you were arrested on Halloween, call me to discuss your options.