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FHP To Crack Down On Drivers During Thanksgiving

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The Florida Highway Patrol said Tuesday it will heightened its presence starting Wednesday and extending through Sunday.

All state troopers will patrol the state’s high-volume roadways during the five-day period. Auxiliary and reserve troopers will volunteer to augment the effort.

Troopers will focus their enforcement in stopping impaired drivers, speeders and those who follow too closely or display other aggressive driving behaviors.

In addition, troopers will conduct strict enforcement of safety belt and child restraint laws.

“The Thanksgiving holiday typically generates heavy traffic as people travel to spend time with their families, so we urge everyone driving on our highways, especially during the holiday season, to drive carefully,” said Col. David Brierton, FHP’s director.

Traffic stops give officers an opportunity to see and smell what's inside of your car. Many of my possession of marijuana cases stem from ordinary traffic stops. Florida law allows an officer to search your car if they smell marijuana.

Don't give officers a reason to stop you. A search can be upheld as valid if the officer had a reason to stop you, such as speeding, broken tail light, or failure to maintain a single lane.