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Keys Woman Charged In Attack On Baby

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A Marathon woman is behind bars Tuesday after authorities say she cut a baby with a knife during a fight over a couple slices of bread.

According to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, deputies responded to an apartment where a 2-month old baby had received a small cut to her forehead.

Police have arrested an 18-year old neighbor in connection with the alleged attack.

According to witnesses, the 18-year old accused went over to her neighbors' house to ask for a couple of slices of bread. When the neighbors refused to give her the bread, the accused allegedly armed herself with a knife and returned and forced her way inside the apartment.

It is alleged that the accused tried to stab the child's mother, who was holding the two-month-old child at the time. However, the accused reportedly missed the mother and cut the baby on the head with the knife.

According to reports, the accused allegedly confessed to police.

The 18-year old accused woman is in jail charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, burglary with an assault or battery, and violation of probation.

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