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One Broward Cop Shoots At Another

I hate to make light of a tragic situation, but many Miami-Dade County news outlets are reporting that one Lauderhill cop fired shots - yes, as in bullets from a gun - at a fellow Lauderhill cop.

Only in Miami-Dade County...

A Lauderhill police officer shot at another officer, but missed, said police.

The Sun Sentinel is reporting that the alleged shooting occurred in the 5600 block of West Oakland Park Boulevard. The officer who was shot at was working an off-duty assignment at the time. But according to reports, the shooting victim was in uniform and was in a marked police car.

Sources close to the parties involved claim that this shooting was an act of domestic violence. There wa allegedly a relationship between the two officers. The relationship supposedly ended a few days before the shooting.

After a search for the shooter, Davie police arrested the accused near the 14800 block of Griffin Road in Davie.

Now we do not know the details yet but regardless, this is a sad story. Police officers are held to a highest standard. Sworn to uphold the law and protect the community in which they serve, police officers should know, above all, that violence can never be the answer to mend a broken heart. Even if the accusations are not entirely accurate at this point, there was still an incident that involved two police officers and a gun.

The worst part is that everytime a police officer commits a crime, the integrity of the law enforcement community as a whole is weakened. People lose faith in police and begin to question their credibility. This comes into play heavily when a police officer is testifying in a trial against one of my clients. Juries can be skeptical of the statements made by cops, and incidents like the one that occurred between these two Lauderhill cops only serve to heighten that skepticism.

Everyone is presumed innocent - even police officers when charged with crimes. It is, however, a sad day when one cop is accused of trying to kill another.

The accused officer will likely face attempted first-degree murder charges.