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Insurance Fraud/Staged Accidents

Insurance fraud, such as staged car accidents, are common in Miami-Dade and Broward County. Given the prevalence of insurance fraud in Miami-Dade County, the Florida legislature has implemented a two-year mandatory minimum prison sentence for anybody convicted of this offense.

A staged accident can involve two defendants or several. The participants may file false insurance claims for property damage as well as false claims for injuries.

Staging an accident is only one charge. Those involved in an allegedly staged accident could also face organized scheme to defraud charges, as well as grand theft charges if they receive money from the insurance company.

Anybody can be charged with insurance fraud. Everyone from drivers and passengers involved in the accident, as well as employees and owners of health and rehab clinics who knowingly provide false information to the insurance companies regarding the injuries of the participants.

Staged accident cases almost always begin as investigations. The police may be tipped off by insurance agents who become suspicious. Detectives will want to speak with you regarding your involvement. Remember - anything that you say will be used against you and will only serve to help the police put a case together. Do not speak to police without first consulting a criminal defense attorney. Don't become the state's star witness.

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