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Miami-Dade Pharmacy Busted For Illegal Oxycodone Sales

According to the Miami Herald, Miami police, in conjunction with the DEA and Florida Department of Health, arrested the owner of a small pharmacy and his two employees, accusing them of selling oxycodone without a prescription.

The three agencies conducted a six-month investigation after receiving information that the pharmacy may have been selling oxycodone to customers who did not possess valid prescriptions.

According to police reports, several undercover buys were made.

The DEA is still doing an inventory of the store to find out how much of the drug was sold illegally. This may increase the charges.

As it stands right now, the pharmacy owner is being charged with one count of trafficking in oxycodone, one count of trafficking in hydrocodone, two counts of operating a pharmacy without a license, and two counts of possession of prescription drugs with intent to sell.

The owner's bond has been set at over $100,000. This is typical in trafficking cases. Courts usually require a Nebbia affidavit, or some written assurance from the bond depositor that the bond money has not come from the fruits of drug trafficking or criminal activity.

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