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Police Suspect Road Rage In North Miami Beach Shooting

Authorities believe that a man was shot and killed during a road rage incident on 163rd Street, last week, Wednesday.

According to WSVN, police said that the deceased got out of his car when he was shot and killed on the street after the suspected shooter drove away in a black sport utility vehicle. A gun was left on the scene of the shooting but it is unclear whether that was the gun used in the shooting.

Several facts are unknown at this point, but the charge will likely be second-degree murder.

However, the fact that the alleged victim was out of his car makes me wonder whether he was approaching the alleged shooter's car or making any threatening gestures.

Florida's Stand Your Ground Law permits a person to use lethal force if they reasonably believe that such force is necessary to prevent great bodily injury or death.

Police will have to gather eyewitness statements in order to determine what actions, if any, the alleged victim was taking toward the accused shooter. While this may be a senseless case of road rage, it may possibly be a case of self-defense if the alleged victim put the accused in fear for his or her life.

Under Stand Your Ground, you cannot be sued or criminally prosecuted for exercising lawful lethal self-defense.

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