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Coral Springs Police Looking For Home-Invasion Robbery Suspect Disguised As Police Officer

Coral Springs Police are searching for a home-invasion robbery suspect who posed as a police officer.

Investigators released a sketch of the man in his late 30's, accused in an armed home invasion robbery.

Authorities say the man forced himself inside a home along Northwest 116th Drive near Coral Ridge Drive. The man tied up the homeowner before ransacking his house and making off with cash and jewelry.

Home-invasion robbery with a firearm is a life felony in Florida. If arrested for this offense, you will be held without a bond.

Home-invasion robbery is a serious offense that requires an aggressive defense. Most of these offenses are proven through eyewitness testimony, unless there is physical evidence left at the scene.

As many of you know, eyewitness testimony can be some of the most unreliable evidence there is. However, juries very often believe alleged victims. Nevertheless, home-invasion robbery is an offense that is almost as serious as murder.