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Dozens Arrested In Unlicensed Contractor Sting

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This week, BSO deputies, disguised as homeowners, were conducting a sting in an effort to arrest suspected unlicensed contractors.

The deputies would invite contractors into a home, which was a staging area for the sting. When the contractors agreed to perform masonry and carpeting work, the men were arrested after records checks revealed that they did not hold the licenses required under Florida law.

Contracting without a license is a misdemeanor, although it can be charged as a felony if a person is accused of contracting without a license during a designated state of emergency (such as during a hurricane). A person may also face a felony charge if they have a prior conviction for the misdemeanor offense.

Dozens of suspects were lured to the Cooper City home and taken into custody Wednesday and Thursday during a multiagency operation targeting unlicensed contractors. Of the more than 30 suspects arrested over two days, 14 were released and given notices to appear in court.

Contracting without a license can also be charged along with other offenses. For instance, if work on a home is actually performed and money is accepted, the accused could also face grand theft charges.

Restitution is a major component of a contracting without a license resolution. In some cases, the restitution amount can be in the high six figures.

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