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Broward Sheriff's Office Looks For Cigarette Store Burglary Suspects

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The Broward Sheriff's Office is looking for two burglary suspects who are allegedly breaking into cigarette stores.

BSO claims that 8 cigarette stores have been burglarized in 3 days.

BSO is using video surveillance to try to determine the identities of the two men.

The video allegedly shows the two men enter

BSO is investigating burglaries at store locations in North Lauderdale, Oakland Park, Tamarac, Sunrise, and Coconut Creek.

If located and properly identified, these men could face charges including burglary of an unoccupied structure, grand theft, and criminal mischief.

The challenge for law enforcement will be identifying these men. The images on the surveillance videotapes - unless perfectly clear and distiguishable - will likely not be enough to secure a conviction. DNA and fingerprints from the scene will be examined, as will any recently stolen property being sold (if located).

But what cops like to do is find suspects and get them to talk. A videotape and a confession are more than enough to secure a conviction. This is why it is so important for people being accused of crimes not to talk to the police.

Eric Matheny is a Miami burglary attorney and Broward burglary attorney