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Community Control Violations

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Community control is a form of supervision in which the offender is typically confined to his or her home. The court may permit the offender to leave the home for work purposes, and any other purposes deem appropriate by the court.

Community control is more restrictive than probation, thus a harsher penalty. It is usually reserved for people with prior records that included probationary terms. Community control is a step above probation in terms of punishment.

The most common community control violation is simply not being home when your community control officer checks in on you. While on community control, your supervising officer will make unannounced visits to your home. If you are not home when you are supposed to be home, you will be violated.

If facing a community control violation, you will be held in custody without a bond pending the process.

Community control violations, like probation violations, can be resolved. Call me to discuss your options if you or a loved one is facing a community control violation.