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Strip Clubs Often Targets of Prostitution Stings

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Strip clubs are often the target of prostitution sting operations.

Police officers can conduct sting operations and reverse sting operations. Sting operations target the individual offering sexual services for money. Reverse stings target the individual offering money for sexual services.

Police officers will infiltrate strip clubs, looking for dancers willing to offer sexual services to customers in exchange for money.

Prostitution can be a second-degree misdemeanor if it is a first offense. Subsequent offenses become a first-degree misdemeanor.

Too many prior prostitution charges and you can be charged with a felony.

Prostitution requires an offer of sexual services in exchange for money. Once the offer is made, the crime has been committed. The sexual services need not be performed in order to charge someone with prostitution.

Prostitution penalties include probation and mandatory AIDS testing.

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