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Why Is My Mugshot Online?

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You go to Google and you enter your name. And your mugshot comes up.

Privately-run websites, such as and profit off of putting your mugshot on the Internet.

They profit because they know that you will pay big bucks to have those mugshots taken down.

Even if your case is closed or dismissed, the private websites will keep the information posted and available to the public.

I have found that the most effective way to get these websites to take down your information and image is to expunge your record and provide the company with a copy of the expungement order. The companies will almost always comply without charging a dime.

These companies are pretty good about respecting court orders. When you petition the court for an expungement, a judge will order your record destoyed. In order to get these companies to comply, you must complete the expungement process. Otherwise, the companies will just seek money from you.

Contact me, an expungement attorney serving all of Florida, to discuss how to clean your criminal record and make these companies remove your information.