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Broward Man Confesses To Murdering Homeless Man

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The Broward Sheriff's Office is reporting that a Deerfield Beach man accused of first-degree murder in the stabbing death of a homeless man has confessed to the crime.

BSO has stated that the accused admitted to watching the alleged victim for several weeks and had thought about killing him. This piece of information helped BSO establish that the murder was premeditated, therefore making the crime first-degree murder. First-degree murder requires that the accused premeditate, or plan, the murder in advance.

First-degree murder is punishable by mandatory life in prison, unless the State Attorney's Office announces that they will seek the death penalty. That decision depends upon the facts of the crime.

The accused allegedly provided a full confession in this case. Confessions are very powerful tools used by police and prosecutors to obtain convictions. You do not have to speak with police any time you are accused of a crime. This is a constitutional right. However, you may waive, or give up, that right.

I don't advise that anybody speak with police without first consulting with a criminal defense attorney.

A confession will not help you. It is used as evidence against you. Police are trained to extract confessions out of you. They are permitted to lie to you in order to get you to confess.