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From Death Row To Freedom

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This is truly an amazing story.

Back in 1994, a Broward man named Seth Penalver was arrested and charged with the brutal triple murder of three people during a Miramar home invasion robbery.

His first trial resulted in a mistrial. The second trial resulted in convictions on all counts. The court imposed the death penalty. In 2006, Penalver's case was remanded to the trial court by the Florida Supreme Court after determining there had been evidentiary problems that infringed upon his right to a fair trial.

Since the night of his arrest, Penalver has been in custody. Just last week after his third trial, jurors found him not guilty of all charges - three counts of murder, one count of armed robbery, and one count of armed burglary.

The man had spent 18 years in custody. Several of those years were spent on Florida's death row, literally waiting to die.

Stories like these go to show that despite the inherent problems in our justice system, it remains the best and most cautious system in the world.

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