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Three Arrested In String of Fast Food Robberies

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Police in Miami-Dade County have arrested three males believed to be responsible for multiple instances of armed robbery with a firearm at various fast food restaurants throughout the area.

The three were arrested this past week after a robbery at a Hialeah Wendy's.

Police would not disclose their evidence at this time, but it is believed that these three suspects are responsible for fast food robberies, gas station robberies, and other robberies throughout Miami-Dade County.

Now that these suspects are in custody, they will be held without bond as armed robbery with a firearm is a non-bondable offense in Florida.

When police arrest multiple suspects, they will typically split them up and try to get each one to give a confession. Oftentimes, suspects get scared and implicate themselves and their co-defendants in the crimes.

Coupled with video surveillance, physical evidence (fingerprints, DNA), and eyewitness accounts, a case can become very strong with the aid of a confession. This is why it is wise never to speak with police without first consulting a criminal defense attorney.

Cops desperately want you to talk to them. This is not because they want to help you. They want to put a case together. Cops cannot make you speak to them. They cannot force, coerce, or threaten you into giving a statement. They cannot promise you anything. They can, however, lie to you and scare you. But just remember that your right against self-incrimination is unwavering. No matter how serious the accusation, no matter how much the cops try, you can never be forced to make a statement to police.

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