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Accused Stalker Charged In Kidnapping Plot

A man previously convicted of aggravated stalking is accused of plotting to kidnap his former girlfriend whom he was accused of stalking several years ago.

A Broward Sheriff's Office investigation revealed detailed plans to commit the crime of kidnapping against the woman whom he is accused of previously stalking while a permanent injunction was in place - thus making the crime the felony of aggravated stalking.

The accused served prison time for aggravated stalking and violating a restraining order that banned him from going within 500 feet of the alleged victim in 2008. Records indicate that the accused may still be on probation for that same offense.

The accused is in jail and has pleaded not guilty to several charges including conspiracy to commit kidnapping, aggravated stalking, and violation of probation.

Domestic violence crimes are treated very seriously by the State Attorney's Office, especially felonies. Even if the alleged victim does not want to prosecute, the law has enabled prosecutors to still go forward even without the testimony of an alleged victim.

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