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Palm Beach Man Sentenced To Life Under PRRP (Prison Releasee Reoffender) Statute

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A 30-year-old West Palm Beach man was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday for stealing $29.

The accused was convicted on February 2 of armed robbery with a firearm for allegedly robbing two victims during a hold up on September 25, 2010.

According to evidence presented at trial, the accused knocked at the door of the alleged victim's West Palm Beach home and demanded money at gunpoint. After being struck with the butt of the handgun, the alleged victim gave up $29 and the accused ran off, according to the police report.

The accused was arrested within a mile of the alleged victim's home. The alleged victim's money was recovered from the suspect's pants pocket, police said.

The accused had been previously convicted for possession of cocaine and possession of a firearm by a felon and was released from prison in 2009. But because he committed the armed robbery within three years of his release, the accused was designated a Prison Releasee Reoffender (PRRP). Due to the PRRP designation, the accused was given a mandatory life sentence as is required under the PRRP statute.

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