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Videotape Shows Man Beating Broward Bus Driver

A Broward man is in jail without a bond today after he allegedly punched a Broward County bus driver.

The man is charged with burglary with an assault or battery, which is a felony that carries a maximum of life in prison.

A burglary can occur when somebody enters or remains in a conveyance, structure, or residence without consent. You can be charged with burglary when you are lawfully permitted to be somewhere, such as on a county bus. However, once that consent is withdrawn (for instance, after the bus driver tells you to get off the bus), by remaining on the bus with the intent to commit a crime (battery), you are committing a burglary.

Since burglary with an assault or battery is punishable by life, an Arthur Hearing may be required in order to secure a bond for the accused.