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Ex-Hollywood Police Officer Sentenced To 90 Days In Jail

A former Hollywood police officer was sentenced to 90 days in jail Friday for doctoring crash and DUI reports to protect a fellow cop who rear-ended a drunk driver almost two years ago.

But Broward Circuit Judge Michael Robinson allowed Pressley to remain out on bond as his attorneys appeal the sentence.

A jury on December 6 found the ex-cop guilty of two counts of falsifying records related to the February 2009 arrest of a woman who stopped her car in the middle of the road to look for a cat that had jumped out of her car.

Originally charged with several felony counts, the jury only returned guilty verdicts on two misdemeanor counts.

Judge Robinson upheld the convictions and gave the officer 90 days in jail for each count, to run concurrently. When a sentence runs concurrently, that means that the accused can serve multiple sentences at the same time. That is, both misdemeanor sentences will be served together, rather than consecutively, which means one right after the other.

The appeals process could last as long as two years.