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Man Accused of Child Abuse May Face Murder Charges

A father has been charged with nearly beating his four-month-old son to death; and a prosecutor announced in court that the child is “not expected to make it” and this “could become a first-degree-murder case.”

The affidavit said the baby’s father called 911 last Saturday morning to report that his son was unconscious.

The child was taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital where X-rays showed the infant had a fractured skull, subdural bleeding, retinal hemorrhage and bleeding on the brain.

The affidavit said the father admitted to hitting his son “with force in the face twice.” After the child was hit for a second time, he fell off the father’s lap and hit his head on a nightstand.

The man has been charged with aggravated child abuse.

A Miami-Dade assistant state attorney who appeared at the accused's bond court appearance advised the judge that first-degree murder charges are likely to be filed.

The prosecutor asked that bond be set at $200,000 and that accused stay away from the child's mother.

First-degree murder can be punishable by the death penalty in Florida. The crime would constitute first-degree murder if the child died during an act of aggravated child abuse.

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